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Journalist Joanna Chiu Discusses Her New Book ‘China Unbound: A New World Disorder’

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“Doggedly reported and fiercely argued”, according to Publishers Weekly, journalist Joanna Chiu’s book ‘China Unbound’ details China’s rapid international rise and the ways Western nations have contributed to a state of global disorder. Joanna has spent a decade tracking the political aspects of Beijing’s multi-billion-dollar “New Silk Road” global investment project and its growing sway over foreign countries and multilateral institutions. ‘China Unbound’ reveals how the CCP used Hong Kong as a testing ground for “United Front” foreign influence activities, and transports readers around the world, including to a frozen lake in Russia, underground churches in Beijing and exiled Uyghur communities in Turkey. Exposing Beijing’s high-tech surveillance and aggressive measures for control, the book asks: Can global leaders get smarter about China, or are we headed towards greater conflict while human rights abuses continue?


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