Why O1 Visa is Better Than H1B Visa? Full Process Explained! Yudi J -

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Why O1 Visa is Better Than H1B Visa? Full Process Explained! Yudi J

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00:00 – Video’s Introduction
01:29 – Introduction to O1A Visa
02:07 – Types of O1 Visa
03:54 – Self-sponsor O1A Visa
05:06 – One-Time National Award
08:01 – Awards
11:28 – Memberships and Associations
13:15 – Published Material about you
15:28 – Intended Audience
16:14 – Judging peers
19:50 – Contributions of Major significance
23:47 – Scholarly Articles
25:40 – Leading or Critical role
28:02 – Highest Salary
29:35 – Qualitative Analysis
30:49 – When can apply for O1A?
32:58 – Channel Outro

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